Your Business Reputation Matters
Your Data Security Matters

It’s virtually impossible to operate any sort of business today without generating or collecting data. Much of that data is critical to sustaining the life of your business with a significant amount of it being personal employee or customer information.  Don’t leave your business open to anyone.

Don’t wait until something happens!

It starts with a plan!

Our goal is to avoid your business experiencing unnecessary and unplanned data breaches and associated costs by ensuring your information is secure and protected.

We work with your business to understand:

The team at Harvey Norman Technology for Business work with you to ensure you have the protection your business needs. We work with you to ensure you have the appropriate security.

, Security

Customer Reference

End-to-End Security for Your Business

The team at Harvey Norman Technology for Business work with you to ensure you have the protection your business needs.

, Security

Internet access

Protection for both outgoing and incoming activity

, Security

Device management & safety

Business and employee owned

, Security

Email security

Identifying ransomware, phishing

, Security

Remote working vulnerabilities

Secure locations – work with confidence

, Security

3rd party applications security management

Making sure they are secure

, Security

Threat blocking

Keeping the bad guys out

, Security

Back up management & recovery

Ensuring data is safe and accessible minimising the impact of a breach

, Security

Staff training

Understanding what is out there

, Security

Network Security

Keeping your network safe

Book an appointment that works for you!

We don't leave you to it!

If ongoing management and monitoring is a concern, we can help!  

We offer managed IT security services that include;

We understand that technology can be daunting,  but it cannot be avoided. It is a must for today’s business.  When it is not working as it should, it can be costly.  We recognise this and can help.  Often, we suggest an IT Assessment is the place to start. 

If you have a good understanding of your IT, where you are at and what you need, you are ahead of many.  In this case we take a different approach and work with you to assess what security set up and/applications are required to protect your business. This includes any industry compliance concerns.

Budget is always a concern, we get that.  In many cases we have seen clients wait until the pain is so great that the costs become even greater.  We work with you to understand what that could look like versus acting now, against what is available in the budget.

Need to uncomplicate your IT? We can help.

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