Back-up & Recovery

Prevent, Prepare & Recover

Having a back-up plan helps to protect your business in the long run. Issues are inevitable that is why every business should ensure that there is a plan in place so such negative factors have minimal impact.  We work with our clients to ensure they are protected by focussing on prevention, preparation and speed of recovery.

A smart alternative plan ensures that you protect your information and in the process, protect the image of your brand.

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ensures all layers of security are addressed, including access rights and staff training

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develop a plan that covers all of the scenarios; storage failure, human error or ransomware

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recover your business information with ease and speed

Benefits of a back-up solution

Having a back-up solution allows you to:

Data is the lifeblood of most business and the amount you’re collecting and storing is growing all the time. Don’t leave your data recovery planning until it’s too late!

Harvey Norman has the perfect backup and recovery solution to meet all your data protection objectives.  Our solutions ensure you are safeguarding your crucial business information and can recover quickly from almost anything.

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Solutions range from:

Key features include:

Why our clients choose our back-up solutions:

Back-up & storage

What you can expect from the right back-up solution:

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